Изкуство, бижутерия;
Фирма: Мира Бъчварова ЕТ Специални клиенти
Адрес:   София  1000   телефон: 02 73 42 83, 087 516 323 
WEB страница:  http://www.mira.bgcatalog.com  e-mail:  mirabachvarova@abv.bg    mira@bgcatalog.co  

During 1994 graduates from the special secondary school for clothing and design "Vela Blagoeva" and acquires the speciality "Technology of clothings".

During 2000 graduates with excellent marks the National Art Academy "Nikolay Pavlovich"-Sofia with speciality "Artistic and three-dimensional lay-outs" and acquires the diploma of "Master of Arts"

In 1995 she becomes a representative of the design centre "Aries Unicat", led by Svetla Dimitrova.


Manifestations: Her first author's fashion-show,including seventy garments took place in Nov.1997 at the "Novotel-EUROPE"-Sofia. A number of author's fashion-shows followed in Sofia,Plovdiv,Varna, Pernik, as well as an International participation in Greece. The garments were totally designed,shaped out and produced by the author.
She works with producers of musical video-clipps, for whom Mira designs special garments according to the subject or uses already made garments from her different collections.Most of the video-clipps were shot at "Boyana-films" centre. She has made more than 10 video-clipps, including Bulgaria, Italian and Swedish.


Nominations: For her individual creations in section "Experimental Fashion" Mira has been nominated and awarded with two statuettes by the "Fashion Association" of Edit Paff for 1997 and 1999. In 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 Mira has been nominated by The Academy of Fashion in section "Experimental Fashion" and in 2000 wins the statuette. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sponsors: Until now sponsors to Mira Bachvarova have been the following companies:

  • Stenly
  • BOYANA Film Company
  • Golden Lady
  • Vodka Nr.5
  • Smirnoff
  • Raima
  • Sky Studio etc.


Philosophy: Art is the way to attain perfection. There is no school that can teach one fantasy,but there are ways to make the world start fancying.


Collections: "Fancy, so that you may live"

  • "Life is too short for us to dress dully"
  • "Ceremony-you see exactly yourself"
  • "Bible for Love"
  • "Powerful males in skirts"
  • "Little outer spaces"
  • "Robots"
  • "The folie of the Saints"
  • "In search of wisdom and the fly in eternity"
  • "Lavazza"
  • "Protuberances"
  • "Vanity Maze"


    Mira Bachvarova is a model of her collections.
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